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Manufacturing for all industrial and consumer markets including products made from chemicals, composites, electronics, plastics, polymers, metal, stone, textiles and wood.

Manufacturing in Vermont accounts for $2.8 billion or 9% of the state’s gross domestic product (Economic Modeling Specialists International). Manufacturing, through the use of engineering, skill, labor, technology and innovation, is the process by which raw materials are transformed into finished goods for both industrial and consumer application. Such finished goods range from hand crafted furniture to complex products such as semiconductors.

Industrial and Consumer Exhibitors


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At Creopack, we are so much more than manufacturers of world-class packaging materials – we are trusted consultants who analyze the total cost your decisions represent.

Although packaging materials and freight are obviously the main expenses in a tailored shipping solution, around one-third of your budget will ultimately be impacted by warehousing, labor, returns, and customer satisfaction rates. This is why we carry out an overall PVA (Packaging Value Analysis) to determine where we can help create efficiencies across the board.


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