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Manufacturing for defense and space industries is a high-tech enterprise focused on the design, production and assembly of a broad array of products ranging from weapons, armor, armament systems and protective gear to military, naval and space vehicles, ships, aircraft and missiles. Research and development, technology, software and artificial intelligence are key drivers of innovation for creating smarter manufacturing processes.

Vermont is home to industry leaders General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and UTC Aerospace Systems and a supplier base that offers manufacturing capabilities in the key areas of:

  • Armor, armored combat vehicles, armament systems, armor finishing, artillery and systems, biological identification, chemical analysis, deployable systems for command and control, inspection systems, intelligent munitions, missile launchers, naval and marine, precision machining, protective clothing, gear and equipment, maintenance and repair, and weapons and weapon systems.

An important market opportunity for Vermont, looking ahead, is the U.S. market for advanced protective gear and armor, which will reach $5.9 billion in 2019.

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DLA Troop Support provides United States armed services members with food, clothing, textiles, medicines, medical equipment, construction supplies and equipment, and repair parts for major weapons systems. We also support other federal agencies, and humanitarian and disaster relief efforts around the world.


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